Meetup Groups

Here’s a list of Meetup Groups that came to VegFest Los Angeles in 2017!  Join one and meet new people!

LA LGBTQ Vegans –

Meetup Time = 2:00 PM at Outside of the Oasis Beer Garden, look for our LGBTQ Vegans Meetup sign

LA Young Adult Vegans –

Northridge Outdoor Photographers –

Meetup Time = 11:30 AM at Donut Friend Booth

The Humane Party of California –

Vegan Cooking & Raw Food Classes –

Vegan Girlfriends of Los Angeles –

Meetup Time = 12:30 PM at Outside of the Oasis Beer Garden

Vegans of Orange County –

Meetup Time = 2:00 PM at Humanity for Animals Booth

If you’d like to register your Meetup Group for 2018 please fill out the form below!.

Meetup Groups

Here’s a list of Meetup Groups who came to VegFest Los Angeles in 2016!

LA LGBTQ Vegans –

PlantPure NELA –

Sexy Vegan Geeks –

Sexy Vegan Singles –

Vegan Atheist Meetup –

Vegan Drinks –

Vegan Vixens of the Valley –

Vegans Of LA –

Veggie Tots –


VegFest L.A provides the opportunity for sponsors to reach a well informed, intelligent and open minded base to showcase their products and services, and present their campaigns and ideas to the public.

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