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 Sponsored by the Lagunitas Brewing Company


The Lagunitas Oasis Beer and Wine Garden

The Lagunitas Oasis is located in front and to the left of the Main Stage offering a prime location to view the action.

This year we’re offering beers from our Oasis Sponsor  – The Lagunitas Brewing Company.  Lagunitas is bringing their flagship IPA and a special VegFest Beer!

Summer Love – our signature mimosa!  Free, light, and fruity!  Made with all vegan champagne

Skinny Soju! – What? You’ve never tried Soju?  Globally, Jingo is the world’s biggest selling brand and it’s made locally!  We are happy to bring it to the oasis – mixed to perfection with Bai Bubbles for some exciting drinks!.  Thirsty yet?

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If you belong to a meetup group and would like to schedule a meet up Click Here to Register!!

Have a Meetup group and want to schedule a meet up at VegFest Los Angeles – Go to our Meetup Group page and set it up!

Please RSVP on our Facebook page! Click Here!


Check out our VegFest L.A. Supporter Packages – one includes the Oasis Gift Bag Package – beer glass, 1 drink ticket, an overloaded goodie bag, and a “Fast Pass” lane line at the food booths and trucks and the the Oasis bar!  Click Here for more details!


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VegFest L.A provides the opportunity for sponsors to reach a well informed, intelligent and open minded base to showcase their products and services, and present their campaigns and ideas to the public.

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